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The meaning of the name Dionicio thrives from the founders mother’s Panamanian decent which means God Of Wine And Revelry.

Our mission is to empower change in the way men’s fashion is handled in  communities. Our focus is to provide our customers with the quality and style that they deserve. This sets Dionicios Closet apart and allows our customers to enjoy a shopping experience they cannot find anywhere else.

About Founder

Rasheem Pitman is the founder of Dionico's Closet, a Bronx, New York native. Rasheem's passion started as a young child wearing a new suit every Saturday to attend church with his parents. In high school he started shopping and creating his identity by shopping at thrift stores. shortly after high school Rasheem then began buying fabrics and experimenting with designs. His vision was to spend less to create a more memorable look that could not be replicated. He then made his first four sets of suits which were featured in a 2015 New York Fashion Week. This then became the beginning of Dionicio's Closet.

Our Achievements

The brand now known as Dionicios Closet featured durning the New York’s Fashion Week 2016 . Dionicios Closet suits was featured in Jidenna debut music video.  Dionicios  Closet has a repertoire of many more artist and events from weddings, graduations, birthday celebrations.

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